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(5) 90-minutes Sessions Quantiy Discount

Each session includes balancing the energetic field as well as addressing issues on the emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. You will be offered practical and energetic tools for navigating life.

From your sessions with Joy you will find yourself better able to:
• Heal parts of yourself that need care and attention
• Feel more energy and less drained
• Gain clarity
• Raise self-awareness
• Trust your intuition
• Overcome a painful past
• Understand your own needs
• Feel more comfortable in your own skin
• Communicate more effectively
• Thrive in your relationships
• Know that you are good enough
• Stop feeling overwhelmed
• Overcome perfectionism and get things done
• Establish healthy boundaries
• Release self-limiting beliefs
• Be more creative
• Revive your passion
• Speak your truth and express yourself with more ease
• Transform your greatest wounds into your greatest gifts
• Open to self-acceptance and an inner joy

The Art of Reframing Workshop: Dismantle YOur Inner Critic and Choose Love

This workshop provides a framework for understanding how we escalate our own suffering by letting our inner critic get the best of us. We will identify the “who” and “how” of our inner critics and learn the beautiful art of reframing. You can learn to make radiance a conscious and creative choice rather than defaulting into self-sabotage. You can use this awareness to reach deeper levels of compassion for yourself and others. After this workshop you will feel lighter and liberated.

We will explore our own conscious and unconscious behaviors and energy patterns. We will work with specific exercises to diminish fear, shame, guilt, and our inner critic. I will offer tools to reduce anxiety and depression, and increase energy and clarity.

This workshop will be playful, joyful, and interactive, combining group exercises, guided meditation, and creative exploration. We will be creating own vision boards of our desired thought patterns.

Early Bird Price until June 1 is $75
Price after June 1 is $95

I: Jump Start Me Please, I Am Ready for Change

Theme Purpose: Learn primary pain and suffering patterns, gain new options and concrete strategies for creating positive change

Package Includes
One 90-minute healing session (telephone or in person)
Two 60-minute healing sessions (telephone or in person)
Assess, restore and balance chakra system
One recorded guided meditation

Detox breath exercise and hand mudras
Two 15-minute laser coaching calls as needed
Supportive Q&A email exchange

Package Fee: $475
(Payment can be made in 2 installments of $275 and $200)

- 60 days in length

II: I Need GPS for My Life (Guiding Purpose Strategies)

Theme Purpose: Overcome feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and or depressed. Learn concrete strategies to function well during the day and sleep well at night. Gain clarity and purpose.

Package Includes
Three 90-minute healing sessions (telephone or in person)
Three 60-minute healing sessions (telephone or in person)
Assess, restore and balance chakra system
Two recorded guided meditations
Breath exercises and hand mudras
Three 15-minute laser coaching calls as needed
Supportive Q&A email exchange

Package Fee: $795
(Payment can be made in 3 installments of $295, $250, and $250)

–90 days in length

III: Self-Mastery

Theme Purpose: Taking the inner work to deeper levels of self-awareness, self-mastery,
and actualizing life purpose.

Package Includes
Six 90 minute healing sessions (telephone or in person)
Six 60 minute healing sessions (telephone or in person)
Four 15-minute laser coaching calls
Supportive Q&A email exchanges
Interactive Homework Assignments
Three recorded guided meditations
Reading material
Pranayama exercises and hand mudras
NVC coaching

Package Fee: $1,595
(Payment can be made in 6 installments:
1 installment of $345, and 5 installments $250)

– 180 days in length